Reblogging because CUNY’s first day of class is tomorrow

Reblogging because CUNY’s first day of class is tomorrow

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Hi guys, my name is Kelsey Snowdon! This is an original song that I wrote and recorded. It would mean the world if you could listen to it, and reblog it if you like it!

Thank you so much!

Note: This is a fleshed-out (think what’s called the “studio”) version of the acoustic video that all her fans/subscribers already know and love.

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Cheap $15 binding. This is a power core compression bra by C9 at target. I am a B cup but my roomie who is a D cup uses is too and it works ok for him

My name is Alexander O’Brien. I am the OP [source] in this post. If everyone who reblogged the original post donated just 1 dollar I could afford my top surgery. Over 7 thousand people reblogged that post… my surgery only costs $6000 plus travel/medicine/cost of living.

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This is the lovely couple you will be supporting. We have been together a total of 4 years and have know each other for 10+ years. She makes me incredibly happy and I can not wait to hold her hand as we pledge to each other and to our families that we will do right be each other for the rest of our lives.


Then here is us after spending hours finishing this puzzle together. :D


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i never thought i’d get to understand

A reaction piece to Nina (because your URL changes all the time)’s poem titled “Gentrification.”

I don’t know if this actually contributes to the problem or what.


i never thought that i would understand
the creeping whiteness, insidious
in its obliviousness, choking out
the flavor, the color, the variety of
what was never quite perfect
but what was certainly better than anything i’ve seen since

i grew up in a Greek neighborhood
with brown faces
(overall, it’s the brown faces I remember):
Bangladeshi contemporaries
one, two, three;
Muslim after Muslim,
Hussain, Yousaf, Mustafa;
a classmate in third grade who participated in Ramadan;
a girl named Ronjini who was partnered with me for one science fair project, and who certainly treated me better than did
the white Queen Bee bitches of our graduating class
(they ruled the roost, and kept the likes of sweet mild Ronjini in line, but my gay Anglo-Saxon-Italian friend assured me years later that they had indeed been bitches, my memory had not played me false);
a man I grew up seeing, an employee of Dunkin’ Donuts who
(unlike any other I’ve ever encountered)
was always friendly and talkative with my brother and me, shy as we were of practically all adults not our parents
(my mom tells me now that in Spanish, what we were/are is corridos);
a girl named Princie, the closest approximation to a friend that I had at that age, who didn’t even recognize me when we came across each other years later.

i never thought i’d get a chance to understand,
when we moved to the Bronx
and I felt white for the first time in my life
and I was made to feel
and explicitly told
I wasn’t Latína, for all the Ecuadorian blood running through my veins
(75%; 25% from the south of Spain).

I never thought I’d get the chance
to feel like my own community was being whitewashed,
gentrified, bohemianized, victim of the great Aburguesamiento,
until several months ago,
the last time we visited Ditmars Blvd. ($13 round trip) for paella marinera con una jarra de sangría roja and a quick stop at the Top Tomato, whose prices
(even after renovation)
are still better than those of our neighborhood Fine Fare,
and all of us but my mother went inside to look for something,
and she stayed by the produce and watched passers-by
until I came back out and she told me that
yes, there were more white faces than she remembered.

my mother only has one specific anecdote
(though it must have been the common presumption of anyone and everyone who saw her ferrying us around)
of someone (a grown Latína, una niñera) actually asking her if she was my brother’s nanny
and her proudly responding that he was her son!

ever since we were kids,
my brother and I said
several times
that we wanted to have
the golden-brown skin tone of our mother.
we still do.
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This shit better work


what if we all got paper lol

i just need money so 

Okay so this is so weird but I reblogged this and we found $500 in the mail like what

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I don’t know if there’s an ideal woman [for me], ‘cause it’s all about a feeling, right? You know, it’s just like movies. I might say, “I want to do this movie,” and then this comes along, and I’m like, “Well, I wouldn’t have thought it would be a dude, but ok!”
Gerard Butler (x)

My mom’s got the History Channel en Español on and it’s really surreal

Hearing the doblaje over the original English that hasn’t been muted

Though I think the worst part is actually understanding how bad the translations are

(The same thing happened when I watched this interview Thiddles did in as much Spanish as he could [which was a fair amount] where the host took it upon himself to translate what the man was saying, and ohmygosh he kept doing it wrong; THE TRANSLATION FOR FIERCE IS NOT FUERTE, IT’S FEROZ

I suppose it shouldn’t have have surprised me, because it’s Univision, BUT STILL)



One of my favourite shows:


One of my least favourite shows:


Do you see my problem

this is accurate and it hurts

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"You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

Jesus [Yeshua of Nazareth]: Ah yes.

Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

Jesus: What a shame.

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